Turning the Wetland Vision into a reality will require a whole range of organisations and stakeholders to become involved and work closely together. Ahead of the launch of Wetland Vision in 2008, a process of stakeholder engagement helped develop the Vision. The outputs of this process can be found in the Downloads Page.

In continuing to turn the Vision into reality through partnership working, Wetland Vision are working very closely with the Wetland Biodiversity Integration Group, which comprises representatives from a range of different organisations and shares aspirations with Wetland Vision for improving England's wetlands.

Wetland Biodiversity Integration Group

As part of the Securing Biodiversity framework, the wetland biodiversity integration group (BIG) was established, as one of nine BIGs that bring together habitat and species conservation interests. The Wetland BIG is tasked with improving biodiversity for four priority habitats: lowland fen, lowland raised bog, reedbeds and coastal and floodplain grazing marsh, and their associated species. This will incorporate the work of the Wetland Vision, to improve habitat quality to ensure we meet our biodiversity targets.

The Wetland BIG comprises representatives from the following organisations: Defra, Natural England, Environment Agency, RSPB, British Association of Shooting and Conservation, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and Wildlife and Countryside LINK.

Wetland BIG: Supporting Information

Background to the BIGs
Securing Biodiversity framework (launched 2008)
Wetland BIG Work Programme and Terms of Reference
Wetland BIG Membership

Wetland BIG Activity

21 Jan 2010 Meeting: Minutes
20 Jan 2009 Meeting: Minutes
26 Aug 2009 Meeting: Minutes
17 Sept 2008: Inaugural BIG Meeting (inc. Wetland HAP)