The Vision Maps - Our future wetlands

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This map was developed specifically for the Wetland Vision Technical Document

Wetland Vision Map of Future Wetland Potential
Our Vision is to restore wetlands for the benefit of society through the conservation of their biodiversity, the preservation of the historic environment and other benefits such as flood mitigation and carbon sequestration. The pale areas on the map show where future wetlands have the greatest potential to benefit biodiversity and the historic environment, and where we should be looking for a range of other socio-economic benefits. These will be the main areas within which we would be looking for significant opportunities for wetland creation and restoration, but other opportunities outside these areas should not be ignored, and can be informed and developed by local data and partnerships.

The data shown are based on an amalgamation of priority areas for wildlife and the historic environment. The current wetland extent (in dark purple) provides context, and in our Vision this will be restored and managed sustainably. Our coast will be impacted by rising sea levels. Adjacent land is therefore unlikely to support new freshwater wetlands in the future, but could support more naturally functioning wetland with both freshwater and brackish habitat present. This map indicates priorities, but should not be viewed in fine detail.