The Wetland Vision Toolkit: Wetland Vision reports and downloadable maps

Some of these documents are available on the CD-ROM at higher resolutions. If you would like to request a copy of the CD-ROM please let us know. We regret that we are unable to share any of the GI data files the project has developed, or the data sources that underpin their development. This is due to copyright restrictions and the 3rd party nature of the data often used in the construction of the maps. It may be possible to enter an arrangement by which we can share just a few elements of the output data which comes under ownership of the partners, but this is only likely with full permission from the partnership and on the understanding that any results would be owned by the partners as a result.

Ministerial Statement of Support

Statement of Support from Joan Ruddock

Wetland Vision Document - Advocacy Report

The Wetland Vision Document (1.03MB)

Wetland Vision Newsletter August 2009

Wetland Vision Update Hi res print version
Newsletter Aug 2009 Low Res Web version

Technical Document - low resolution version

Wetland Vision CD-Rom Toolkit Contents List
The Wetland Vision Technical Document (3.1MB)

Technical Document Annex Reports

Annex Contents List (1.01 MB)
Annex1 Overview of Stakeholder Feedback (2.3 MB)
Annex2 Ecosystem Services Scoping Report (2.6 MB)
Annex3 Airports and Wetlands - An Overview (2.6 MB)
Annex4 Detailed Mapping Methodology (GIS Report) (3.3MB)

Wetland Vision Maps

List of Maps in the Technical Document
Map 1. Future potential for wetlands (indicative)
Map 2. Theoretical historic extent of wetlands (indicative)
Map 3. Map of historic agricultural drainage
Map 4. Potential impact of coastal pressures
Map 5. Current extent of wetlands (indicative)
Map 6. Historic environment wetland priority areas
Map 7. Biodiversity and historic environment priorities map
Map 8. Local visions map
Map 13. Airport zones
Map 14. Current extent of fen habitat by NVC grouping
Map 15. Restoration potential of poor fen in sumps & hollows
Map 16. Potential for base poor groundwater dependent fen
Map 17. Potential for base rich groundwater dependent fen
Map 18. Potential for floodplain and eutrophic fen
Map 19. Potential for coastal and floodplain grazing marsh
Map 20. Action for ponds
Map 21. Types of pond action needed on the ground
Map 22. Pond action in less intensively managed areas
Map 23. Potential for wet woodland
Map 24. Potential for reedbed habitat creation
Map 25. Lowland raised bog restoration
Map 26. Blanket bog restoration
Map 27. Action for lakes in England
Map 28. Action for biodiverse canals for England
Map 29. Potential for purple moor grass and rush pastures
Map 30. Wetland delivery after mineral extraction

Managing Wetland Heritage

HMEW List A and B Wetland Sites and Landscapes
HMEW sites and future wetland potential map

Local Visions Guidance Material - How To's and FAQ's for Local Visions

Local Visions Guidance (1.9 MB)

Outputs from launch discussion (July 2008)


Workshops and stakeholder engagement (2006)

Workshop outputs

Useful resources

Bitterns & Reedbeds: Current & Future Trends (Brit. Wild.)
Carbon Balance and Offset Potential of the Great Fen Project
Creating new wetlands - Key principles and a project model