A 50-year vision for wetlands
England's Wetland Landscape: Securing a future for nature, people and the historic environment

Welcome to the refreshed Wetland Vision website!                                        

The Wetland Vision is a partnership project which describes how the partners would like England's wetland landscapes to be in 50-years time. This website allows us to share information on how the project has developed, our main conclusions and results and to allow access to the outputs of workshops. Please browse these pages to find information about the project; features include maps (click on the map on the bottom right), interesting downloads and a section on Managing Wetland Heritage - Maps and Advice.

Turning the Wetland Vision into a reality will require a whole range of organisations to become involved and work closely together. The wetland Biodiversity Integration Group (BIG) comprises representatives from a range of different organisations and shares aspirations with Wetland Vision for improving the quality, distribution and functionality for England’s wetlands. Wetland Vision welcomes the opportunity to host the Wetland BIG webpages, which can be found in the Get Involved section.

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